Product Description

BÖHLER W403 VMR is a vacuum remelted material which was developed as a problem solver for tools for where a standard solution is no longer sufficient. The steel can be assigned to the 5% chromium steels and has a very high purity due to the special manufacturing technology. In addition, the increased molybdenum content leads to improved thermal resistance as well as wear resistance, which makes BÖHLER W403 VMR an all-rounder that is often used for highly stressed dies in the die casting sector. In addition, Böhler W403 VMR has outstanding polishability. For this reason, the steel is also popular as a molding material for plastic injection molds.

Property Features

  • Toughness & Ductility: high
  • Wear Resistance: high
  • Machinability: good
  • Hot Hardness (red hardness): high
  • Polishability: very high
  • Thermal conductivity: very high
  • Micro-cleanliness: very high

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

~1.2367 ~X38CrMoV5-3 C1885



Chemical Composition

0.38 0.20 0.25 5.00 2.80 0.65

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

  • Long Products

    Long Products

  • Open Die Forgings

    Open Die Forgings


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