When expertise and motivation join forces exceptional materials are made.
    We are proud of the skills we have acquired over the decades and the commitment of our employees. We are committed to maintaining proven production standards and are continuously developing innovative processes for safer and more efficient production.
    In this way we become a reference in the market, benefiting our customers and the environment.

    Information graphic to provide an overview of the material flow.

    the first step toward quality

    BÖHLER has revolutionized steel production. We are a leader in the field of smelting metallurgy and, thanks to our innovations, represent a benchmark in the world of steels. We back up what we claim with continuous development and state-of-the-art production systems. Vacuum melting and remelting (VIM, VAR), advanced remelting processes under electroscoria in a protective atmosphere, and the highest metallurgical purity are the key points of the BÖHLER steel mill.
    The result: more than 200 types of high-speed steels, tool steels and special materials that meet the most complex requirements.

    Materials for the new millennium

    The ever-increasing demand for equipment stimulates the demand for new high-performance materials. The answer: high-performance materials produced using powder metallurgy, with uniformly distributed carbides for excellent characteristics in use.

    Specific knowledge in metallurgy forms the basis of “problem-solving” and offers our customers a decisive competitive advantage. In order to ensure high quality standards in the long run, we have adopted the most modern powder metallurgy production system in the world.

    In the best shape, from all points of view


    At our rolling mills, we produce round and flat profile bars and wire with high precision and quality. The reproducibility of the process, high level of flexibility and proximity to our customers make us a world leader.



    To meet our customers’ demands, materials are forged by 5,200-ton hydraulic press or by horizontal hammering machine.


    Note: dimensions depend on the material!



    Laminated bars:

    round 12,5 – 150 mm
    frameworks 15 – 150 mm
    plates width 15 – 60 mm thickness 5 – 41 mm
    60 – 200 mm 5 – 86 mm
    100 – 300 mm 15 – 80 mm



    laminate round 5,0 – 13,5 mm
    drawn round 1,0 – 13,0 mm
    precision plate plate 0,5 – 40 mm2

    Forged bars:

    rounds, frameworks 90 – 1200 mm
    plate, min width 100 mm thickness 50 mm
    plates, max width1600 mm thickness 1000 mm
    Maximum width/thickness ratio 10:1

    Pre-machined bars:

    IBO ECOMAX 12,5 – 315 mm

    Ground bars:

    BRIGHT STEEL ground and polished 2 – 28 mm
    ECOBLANK peeled and polished
    ECOFINISH band-ground
    Surface finish: black (sandblasted); pickled; machined (turned, peeled, polished h 12 – h 9); ground – polished

    The customer-tailored finish

    With a wide range of finishing processes, specific needs can be met quickly and with the quality we are always known for. Rolled bars are subjected to heat treatment according to customer specifications and then processed and inspected.

    We can meet any requirement in terms of surface finish: peeling, polishing,belt grinding, turning and milling or cutting in the required tolerance class.

    For example:

    • IBO ECOMAX: bald bars
    • ECOBLANK: peeled and polished bars
    • ECOFINISH: strip ground bars
    • BRIGHT STEEL: ground and polished bars


    Nearly no other medium has been able to convey concepts of quality and technological superiority as well as film can. You can view our information videos via the following links.


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