Vision, Mission

    Specialty steels are a fundamental part of our modern world and will continue to form the basis for economic success and innovation in many important industries in the future-integrated as components or used as tools.
    BÖHLER is one of the driving forces and pioneers of this progress.

    For generations, BÖHLER has stood for high-quality special steels, and trained and motivated people have always been behind this success. In our company, everyone has his or her own role to play and responsibilities. What motivates us is our common vision. What unites us is our mission. What binds us together are our shared values.

    Where do we want to go?


    We always want to be the supplier of choice for our customers.

    We will achieve this goal together….

    • Consolidating our leadership in the tool steels and high-speed steels market
    • Improving our positioning in the special materials market
    • Establishing ourselves as a global player in the oil and gas industry.
    • Increasing our shares in the aerospace industry.
    • Expanding the degree of vertical integration of our products

    This is how we will increasingly empower the BÖHLER brand.

    What do we represent?


    We are a benchmark in the world of metallurgy. We develop, manufacture and supply worldwide high-speed steels, tool steels and special materials specifically designed to meet our customers’ needs.

    In our daily work, this means:

    • for our customers
      we identify the technological and logistical needs of our customers and develop the most suitable solutions. To provide our customers with a decisive competitive advantage.
    • For innovation and technology
      our mills are constantly striving to improve products and processes with the aim of achieving ever higher quality levels. Forward-looking investments and targeted product and process innovations ensure our technological leadership.
    • for environment and energy
      We operate with respect for the environment and consciously employ energy resources
    • For ourselves as collaborators
      We actively contribute to ensure the good results of our company and our common future. We accept challenges and always seek new opportunities for development. We value occupational health and safety.
    • for our success
      we strive for the success of our company, every day and for the future

    What is important to us? What guides us in our daily operations?


    Commitment, trust and initiative: the guiding linne of our Group are the basis of our values


    We are committed, to give the best performance
    We focus on what matters
    We work according to constantly refined processes
    We intervene promptly with corrective actions
    Ours is a team effort


    We are respectful
    We are open to criticism and acknowledge our mistakes
    We encourage each other
    We keep our promises
    We look for the best solution for everyone


    We are open to change
    We are always eager to learn
    We are inspired by the novelty
    We are solution-oriented
    We are decisive


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